The Movement for the Future

Terra Zero Movement

Everyone Welcome

The Movement

Terra Zero Movement is a social environmental movement; intersectional and inclusive in nature.

Guided by the mission to advocate and advance  intersectional global sustainability.

Terra Zero’s communal nature enables people from around the world to come together as a united front for environmental progress, for the wellbeing of our planet and its people.

Our Values

Intersectionality – We represent and fight for the people climate change + climate injustice affects.

Sustainability – We believe in living in a way that does not compromise the living of future generations.

Synergy – We believe in the synergy of science and community to spark effective & human powered solutions to the climate crisis.

Community – Real impact happens when many people come together with a shared idea.

Watch this space!

The home of Terra Zero Movement  coming soon. Stay tuned!

Until then, follow the movement on instagram to stay in the loop!